im coming Hugo(Hung Cheng

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im coming   Hugo(Hung Cheng Empty im coming Hugo(Hung Cheng

Post  HugO on Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:30 pm

Obviously Shin Hsin university is a small school !
But, it looks difficult to meet each other.
P.S. In one week, only three days i have to go to school Very Happy

Thanks every body brought me a lof of fun in my summer vacation.
And thanks for Amanda. You are so cute! By the way, the photos i will shoot a mail to you. silent

Oh! About those photos(big head small body), im grateful to Pan and Sherry for help finish those memory gifts. Cool

It's very nice to meet everybody. i really want to join this summer camp again, But i can't Sad This is my final year in Shin Hsin. Propably i was slept when teacher propagandize before this year. Maybe we can have a dinner date one day. Cool

By Hugo


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