Members of ClassG of Session1

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Members of ClassG of Session1

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:11 pm

陳姿吟Chen, Tzu-Yin

黃鈺雯Huang, Yu-Wen

蘇翊甯Su, Yi-Ning

張貞德Chang, Chen-Te

楊琇鈞Yang, Xiu-Jun

蔡妏佳Tsai, Wen-Jia

羅珮瑄Lo, Pei-Hsuan

范瓊云Fan, Chiung-Yun

葉盈君Yeh, Yin-Chung

李慧君Li, Huei-Jyun

莊雅婷Jhuang, Ya-Ting

李昀靜Li, Yun-Jing

陳子楹Chen, Zin-Ying

陳奕婷Chen, Yi-Ting

陳玟綺Chen, Wen-Chi

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hey~I'm Louisa!

Post  louisa on Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:26 am

Long time no see~~~

I have got everybody's MSN.
but,cause my stupid brand,I can't link some classmate's name with her face.
forgive me~~~ pale I'm really not suppose to forget your name~~~

I have met some classmates in SHU.
Everytime when you said HELLO to me,I'm so glad~~~
but,the time is too short for us to have a chat.

I hope the next time,we can stay and talk to each other together~~~

the last, I want to say...

HEY~Katie~~~ I miss you so much~~~ flower


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