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Post  SueyCheang on Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:22 pm

Dear Theresa: queen
Hello~~How are you??Have you come back your hometown??l miss you..
The last,I am very busy,so l haven't time online!! l think back to complete a course of study,l am very happy!!because we get along so cheerful, you care for us and yield to us,it is most important cause.even though this course just Short time,but l never forget you!!Becaue

You are my sunshine,my onil sunshine Very Happy
You make me happy when skies are gray Surprised
You'll never know dear,how much l love you Crying or Very sad
So please don't take my sunshine away Razz

Think you for you to teach me this song,haha~~It is very good song!! clown
If you free or you want to say something,you can send e-mail to me!!!
My e-mail/msn:marching520@yahoo.com.hk
ln the end,l Bless you a happy(must happy)...and find a Prince Charming !!haha~~

Suey lol!


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