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Post  Vincent on Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:58 am

The English Summer Camp was so nice that
I can't stop thinking of those days,
and I knew that I would now.

The days in the camp was the happiest moment in this summer vacation.
It was a amazing experience being with you.
I still rememeber
Vic is a talented actor in play the bad guy and rich man, funny,
aPpLe will put tissues on her forehead, when she feel really hot,
Eva taught our dancing though I was scared at first,
Rainut can dance pretty well, too,
Sylvia showed us how to swim in a funny way,
Lina is really funny,too,
and the cute girl who made a little sheep hat on her bottle in the bus,
the flying lanterns we released in the final day,
ohoh~and Julia, Julia, Judy, shajon, Allen, Wendy, Betty, Noel
too mush to say, I wish I have time to finish it.

Thanks you guys~
Gave me a such nice memory. Smile


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