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Post  Cindy0912 on Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:47 pm

2008/09/17~2008/09/22 I join the English summer camp.

The time flies,now the camp is over,but I still immerse in the recollection.

The day after tomorrow,Kelly,my teacher will leave Taiwan,and I don't kown when she will come back again.

So tomorrow is the last day I can gather with Kelly.

Even we are just acquainted with eight days,I don't want to let Kelly go so much.

At the beginning,I purely hold the mindset of practice English to the camp.

But gradually,I find Kelly don't think so,she wants to be our friend.

Her friendly and charming smile let me fell sweet,so I like chatting and sharing Taiwan cultures with her.

We play games,dance,go to the night market,and so on.

I hope she has a wonderful memory in Taiwan so that she will want to come back again.

These days,I learn a lot of America cultures from her,and Kelly also teaches me how to improve Enhlish well,

I practice listening,speaking in class,maybe I'm not good enough,but I believe my English do make great strides.

That's all Kelly give me,and I don't know how to thank for her.

Today is the last day of the camp,school holds a closing ceremory after the class.

Many theachers are touched by our performances and perceptual speech,and they cry,including Kelly.

I'm so sorry that I want to be with her for long time.

I know it's hard to see Kelly in future days,but I will miss her and remember her forever.

It's a fantastic experience for me in my life.

I wish someday we can gather again.


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