I love everyone in English summer camp!!

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I love everyone in English summer camp!! Empty I love everyone in English summer camp!!

Post  Wen-Hua Gao on Sun Sep 28, 2008 8:17 pm

Crying or Very sad Before I join in English summer camp, I am afraid that the teachers speak English with me. Fortunately, class A students a part of my same a college department classmates.
Let me take some easy.Shocked Unexpectedly, class A's teacher is male that hes mane is Todd.
Because all the English summer camps teacher is female besides Todd. In eight days I meet Todd that I think he is a nice person and he were to joke with us. We like Todd that he taught us a lot of English things and he was attentive to our learning situation. I feel my English to make progress and learn English is a good thing in eight days. I love you Thank a lot for Todd yours teach, make me courage speak English. Last day, I reluctant to give up everyone in summer camp.I will miss your and remember our to do with the time forever.
sunny By Becky

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