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Post  Toril on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:47 pm

How are your guys doing?
I miss Theresa very much. Frankly, I did not miss her so much after she went back at first,
But after a month flyed, I realizd that fact.
Those days that we got along with, I can't forget at all.
I really had a fabulous time with all of you.
The day we went to night market.
The day we went to KTV.
The day we went to Taipei eastern area.
(HAHA~I make up the place name.I am sure you understand where I say!)
The day we ride the pon....

I met friends who having the same goal and dream with me.
I expect deeply we can be friends for our whole lifes.
Only one thing I am really deppresed is that I am afraid I couldn't see Theresa again..
Will you feel the same with me?

Fogot my name? Let me said again.
I am Wei, Yu-Chun


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